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What does Windstorm Insurance cover?

Texas Windstorm insurance will generally cover damages to your home and the personal belongings inside your home. Several policies will also include coverage for detached structures such as garages, sheds and swimming pools. When strong winds harm roofs and windows, this often creates the opportunity for rain and debris to cause additional damage. Sometimes, windstorms are followed by storm surges and flooding.

It is important to realize that windstorm insurance will not cover damage caused by rising waters. Flood insurance coverage must be purchased separately to cover flooding events, and takes 30 days to go into effect. Very often, high winds are the primary cause of hurricane-inflicted property damage. Hurricane force winds, also covered under Windstorm Insurance, have been known to uproot trees, overturn vehicles, shatter windows and demolish homes.

Heavy downpours can also damage roofs and allow water to leak into your home, prompting many homeowners to wonder whether their homeowners policy covers water damage from storms and other causes. Windstorm Deductibles can also fall under Named Storm Deductibles on your Home Insurance policy.

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Texas Windstorm Insurance