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How much does Home Insurance cost in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas Texas?

How Much Does Home Insurance Cost in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, and Dallas Texas?

Rockland has the ability write Homeowners Insurance in Houston, San Antonio, Austin, or Dallas Texas.  As a Home Insurance Agent licensed throughout the great state of Texas, we get asked the familiar question over and over, "How much does Home Insurance cost per year?"  The good news is that we can give you a estimate or range of how much it could be.   For example, the cost of Home Insurance in Austin for a $200,000 home could be $500-$700 per year.  However, that same home in Houston, could be $1200-$1300 per year.

Unfortunately there are just too many variables that go into correctly pricing Homeowners Insurance in Texas, more specifically the Houston and Dallas area due to risk analysis.  

Here are some of the variables that can play a part in getting an accurate Home Insurance quote:

    • Replacement cost: how much money do I need if my house were destroyed and needed to be rebuilt? 
    • Type of construction:  Is my house brick, hardi-plank, asbestos, vinyl siding, or wood?
    • Year built: What's the age of my home?  
    • Updates:  Roof?  Plumbing? Heater? Siding (wood to Hardi Plank)?  Electrical?  
    • Deductibles: How much you do I want to pay out of pocket before the insurance company with pay
    • Claims History:  Have I had recent claims in the last 5 - 7 Years?  (Ex: Water Leak, Hail Damage)
    • Insurance Score:  Kind of like a Credit Score but excludes past due medical payments.  Do you pay your bills on time?  

Here are a list of popular Home Insurance Discounts you can add:

    • Multi-policy: Do I have  auto, home, etc. with the same Insurance Agency?  
    • New home: Is it less than 3 years old?  
    • Central Alarm system: do you have a monitored alarm for the police and fire departments?
    • Gated community: do you live in a gated community?
    • New Roof:  Usually a pretty substantial Home Insurance Discount

Here are some sample rates of actual Homes we've insured in each city to give you an idea:

Houston, TX (77433 Zip Code):  2436 Sq Feet, Built in 2003, Insured for $240,000:   $1343 Per Year

Austin, TX (78734 Zip Code): 3422 Sq Feet, Built in 1997, Insured for $362,000:  $1246 Per Year

San Antonio, TX (78232 Zip Code): 2643 Sq Feet, Built in 2008, Insured for $270,000:  $948 Per Year

Dallas, TX (75253 Zip Code): 1985 Sq Feet, Built in 2006, Insured for $185,900: $1144 Per Year

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