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Pay as You go Auto Insurance and Working from Home

It's the auto discount you may have never known about until now.  A general rule of thumb is, the more you drive your car, the more expensive your car insurance is going to be.  When it comes to commuting, insurance companies are generally worried about how many miles your drive, not the minutes or hours you spend in your car.  Commute distance is just one of the ranking factors on which carriers base their quotes along with your driving record, credit, location, etc.. 

Insurance companies generally rate in terms of mileage tiers.  Different carriers have different policies, but below is a helpful framework. Each one of these rating tiers refers to a one-way commute.

3 miles or fewer. Considered pleasure driving, and does not affect your insurance rate.

4 to 9 miles. First-tier surcharge. 

10 to 15 miles. Second-tier surcharge. 

15 to 20 miles. Third-tier surcharge. 

20 miles or more. Highest surcharge.

The further you drive to work, the more you’ll pay for car insurance. Nevertheless, it’s not one of the weightiest factors in the process but can offer a discount of up to 35% depending on how your policy is structured.  So why pay for something you may not be doing or using.  Right now may also be the best time for the pay as you go insurance using Auto Insurance Telematics.  

What is telematics?  Telematics is a method used to collect information about your driving habits (using the app on your phone, or plugging the device into your car). Insurers may use telematics data to offer personalized driving feedback and safe-driving rewards or discounts on your car insurance policy.

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