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Jonathan Siegel

Insurance Expert

Jonathan Siegel

Jonathan Siegel

When Jonathan joined Rockland in the summer of 2015 he came to the group with more than just a shared love of the color red; his devotion to helping others was, and still is, evident in all that he does in the office.

As an agent, his typical day includes quoting, quoting, and more quoting! Jonathan primarily handles our on-line home and auto quote requests, as well as our windstorm policies. And, if you’re an existing customer needing a re-quote, he’s your guy! Jonathan ensures that each customer is getting the most competitive rates at renewal. He also spends time discussing policies with clients to educate them about coverage that is needed, as well as what coverages are provided in their policies, and he takes time to answer any questions they might have. Jonathan wants his clients “to feel comfortable knowing that if something were to happen to their home or car, they will be covered.”

Although he’s only been with Rockland a little over a year, he has made a positive impact in the office. “It’s been such a blessing to have had Jonathan at Rockland over the last 18 months.  He takes a lot of pride in his work, and has tons of ambition.  Many of our customers make it a point to tell me how much they like working with him, and that’s what it’s all about…great customer service,” said Rockland CEO, Josh Howell.

With his love of helping others and his drive to be even better each day … More great things are sure to come from this guy!

Here’s what Jonathan had to say about himself:

Where did you grow up?  Born in LA (5yrs), lived in Connecticut (6yrs), but got to Houston as fast as I could! Been a proud Texan ever since!

What is your favorite sports team?  Texans, Astros and Rockets!!!

Do you have any pets? A poodle named Mac

When you’re not in the office, what are you most likely doing?   Spending time with my wife and family, or working out, and playing softball

What’s your favorite color?  Red

What’s your favorite food?  Carbs are the death of me! Especially love Italian food…….Pizza, Pasta, Garlic bread!!!

Do you have a favorite TV show, movie or book? Games of Thrones, and Westworld!  Goodfellas

Is there a motto or mantra you live by? Life is full of experiences, enjoy or learn from them all. No regrets

What’s something that people might not know about you?  I love being able to help people, which makes what I do on a daily basis that much more fulfilling

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