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Nora Balderama, Habla Espanol

Insurance Expert

Nora Balderama

Nora Balderama, Habla Espanol

As the first face of Rockland, Nora’s hundred-watt smile shines through the phone with each call she takes. Joining the team in August of 2015, her duties have greatly evolved to include more than answering the phone. She’s a Receptionist Extraordinaire – helping out wherever she can!

Co-worker, Angie Blacklock, said, “It’s a pleasure working with someone who is so passionate about their job and helping others. Nora is always ready to lend a hand and has a good attitude about anything asked of her.”

Most of Nora’s days rival those of an air-traffic controller. In addition to directing incoming calls and mail, scanning client documents, submitting information to our carriers and helping with client questions, she often helps the business development team with assembly of information to industry contacts.

“I try to help the agents as much as possible, answering client questions and researching as much information as I can to help make their job easier and so they can get quoting and the rest of their job done,” said Nora.

Her upbeat personality and positive attitude make Nora a great asset to the Rockland team.

Here’s what Nora had to say about herself:

Where did you grow up? Rosenberg, TX

What is your favorite sports team? Texans

Do you have any pets? A boxer named Candee

When you’re not in the office, what are you most likely doing? Spending time with my kids

What’s your favorite color? Turquoise

What’s your favorite food? Mexican

Do you have a favorite TV show, movie or book? No

Is there a motto or mantra you live by? The majority of the word “Cant” is “CAN”

What’s something that people might not know about you? I will be getting married in April

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