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What does Texas Windstorm Insurance Cover

Windstorm insurance is not a required coverage in the state of Texas but depending on where you live it can be an absolute necessity. In some areas, your mortgage lender may require you carry a windstorm policy. This...

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Why you need Homeowner Insurance

Your home is probably one of the biggest assets you own and if it is damaged or destroyed it can be financially devastating. Unfortunately, a house is vulnerable to a wide variety of risks. Fires, storms, wind, hail and...

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How does a Home Insurance Escrow work?

How does a Home Insurance Escrow Work? - If you recently purchased a home or just haven’t paid that much attention to your monthly mortgage statement until now, you may be wondering what the escrow line item is on your...

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Why does my Homeowner Insurance keep going up

If you recently opened your insurance statement and found the cost of your homeowners insurance has increased you may be wondering why. There are a variety of factors that can push up your premium. We thought it might...

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Protecting Your Home: Understanding Your Home Insurance Policy

As a homeowner, one of the most important aspects of your home isn’t something you use daily. And it isn’t something flashy you show off to friends. It’s your homeowners insurance policy, and it protects you in more...

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Three things that could increase the cost your Homeowner Insurance Premium

Homeowner premiums are calculated using a variety of factors, some will lower your premium while others will increase it. We thought it might be fun to have a quick look at three factors that can absolutely push your...

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Sugar Land Texas Home Insurance Reduction-Certificate

If you live in Sugar Land and your Insurance company is asking you to get your Home Inspected for a Home Insurance premium reduction, here is help on who to contact and what they need.Repost from Sugar Land Texas City...

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How much is Home Insurance in Houston Texas

How much is Home Insurance in Houston? - If you live in Houston, Texas, and own a home... you probably know that the Home Insurance rates can be all over the place. Did you know that Houston has the 4th highest Home...

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Best Homeowner Insurance Companies in Austin, TX

What is the Best Homeowner’s Insurance in Austin, Texas? If you live in Austin, Texas, or are looking to relocate here, you may be searching for companies to insure your home. Your home is your pride and joy and means a...

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